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Women and Children - Employment and sustainable livelihoods, access to basic services,
management of development, sustainable development.

NJASS essentially believes that needs and rights of children are synonymous. These rights of marginalized children can get further accomplished only through empowerment and capacity building of their families and communities. This empowerment is and inclusive strategy of socio-economic transformation of the marginalized.

At NJASS we visualize ourselves as partners in a national and global campaign to restore childhood to millions of children deprived of their basic needs. To give them back their childhood in terms of care, protection and opportunities for participation and development. We dream of an Uttranchal where every child goes to school or is provided with descent alternative education and is also provided with health, care and shelter.

However, some of the core on which NJASS focuses are:
  1. Children and Work .
  2. Quality Education –Primary & higher level.
  3. Health awareness -HIV/AIDS/Mall Nutrition etc.
  4. Child Protection from exploitation.
These have been selected because:
  • We consider there is reasonable potential to affect significant change in children's lives in Uttranchal in the medium term
  • We can make good use of existing work and partnerships in Uttranchal, and to develop new ways of working on these issues to broaden impact
  • They come within NJASS’s global priorities and competencies so we can link with regional and global resources.
Cross cutting issues
NJASS  will strive to ensure that cross-cutting issues such as Disability, Gender, Private Sector and Citizenship will be incorporated effectively into our work.
The programmes for children are…
  1. Educational activities for children who have dropped out of school
  2. Enrollment of out of school children into regular schools
  3. Eliminating child labour in the slum communities by awareness  
    programs for parents, mostly daily labours.
  4. Regular health camps & follow ups for children
  5. Cultural activities for self expression & regaining confidence.
NJASS believes that poverty, illiteracy and deprivation of all basic rights and social discrimination affect women the most and addressing this will impact the society in a position and most sustainable way. NJAS aims to recenter women by making them socially and economically strong. It helps them from self-help groups for their social and economic empowerment, enhances their skill base, promotes entrepreneurship and other livelihoods. It is also in the forefront of educating women and girls thereby creating awareness about their legal and other rights and helps them claim a rightful place in the society.

We work with a vision…
  • To improve social, educational and economic situation of remote rural and other women.
  • To provide girl child education and improve literacy among women.
  • To motivate grassroots women to form in the self-help groups and avail bank/government loans and schemes for their social & economic development.
  • To raise awareness among grassroots women on maternal, child health and primary health care.
  • To help more and more poor grassroots women to become economically independent.
  • To help women recognize their labor and their innate intelligence as human resources which is vital for production.
  • To build up this self-confidence through personality development and technical training.
  • To promote legal education so women become aware of their rights.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------it’s a beginning of hope.