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NJASS is a non-government organization registered under the society registration Act 21, 1860 working in the issues viz. education, health, social upliftment, environment awareness affecting the children and the women from the less privileged section of our community. NJASS facilitates the process of development of villages and the villagers. NJASS encourages activities based on education, environment, population, gender, etc.

NJASS Vision :

• To improve social, educational and economic situation of remote rural and other women.
• To provide girl child education and improve literacy among women.
• To motivate grassroots women to form in the self-help groups and avail bank/government loans and     schemes for their social & economic development.
• To raise awareness among grassroots women on maternal, child health and primary health care.
• To help more and more poor grassroots women to become economically independent.
• To help women recognize their labor and their innate intelligence as human resources which is vital for    production.
• To build up this self-confidence through personality development and technical training.
• To promote legal education so women become aware of their rights.

Indian Light A helping Hand of NJASS

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